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To see the true power of his music, you must experience it firsthand. But, if you can't make it to one of his live performances and need something romantic, powerful and all your own - choose a video, click play and let Michael's passion for romance and music envelop you.

The Indie Decision

The Indie Decision was created to give viewers an inside look into the life of up and coming Indie artist, Michael Paige. Take a step behind the scenes and into the life of an artist making a name for himself in Las Vegas and across the country.

This is an up close and personal look at Michael Paige - living his dream - whatever it takes.

For You

When I first read the lyrics to For You by Amy Foster it brought back feelings that I had during different times in my relationship with my wife. I felt the words; I was reading so deeply, that it was as if I had written them. There are so many things about this song that made me think about the zone we were at in our relationship when we first met. The line “Since the day we met I knew you were the one” -- I really felt that way when I met Marta and I knew that we’d be together. There was apprehension on her part, ok and maybe sometimes on mine, but we both knew the whole time that we had to be together. We became inseparable, despite the apprehension, and I often felt that the attraction grew because of it. For You brought back a lot of old memories, and really spoke to me when I saw those lyrics. Every time I perform it, I feel a wave of emotion and my fans have told me they feel it too. I love knowing the words and feelings in my music can resonate with my audience. I guess there are certain feelings that we never forget, and we can identify when, where, and who brought those feeling out in us.


Dance started as collaboration between Josh Thomas and me. Josh and I began work on Dance together, combining his ideas and my musical motives. I introduced the song to Tony Smith during a recording session, and he loved it. Tony worked with me to develop it further – trying to bring out my cultural influences. I come from a strong Latin and Jewish upbringing and we worked hard to incorporate both the Latin and Jewish mentalities.

The song ended up with a Euro-Middle Eastern feel, with an underlying presence of the Latin vibe. We created a strong Tango backbeat with a story that would capture the hearts of the public. The story behind the lyrics is one of a mysterious romance between a man and a woman – meeting in a bar or a club – surrounded by music and dance. We wanted the listener to feel the tension and romance build between the two. When it was complete, we decided to create a new feel and mix in a few stronger beats to create a Dance remix – after all, what’s a song called Dance, if you can’t really dance to it!

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